• Architectural Acoustics
  • Mechanical Systems
  • Structural Vibration
  • Environmental Noise
  • PA / Mass Notification
  • Sound Masking
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Occupant's experiences are shaped not only by what they see in a space, but also by the surrounding soundscape. In healthcare or corporate environments, confidentiality is often paramount. In performance and worship spaces, the quality of the sound within the space is a key design consideration. Spaces such as recording studios require extreme quiet, while other spaces such as fitness facilities require the capability to freely produce high volume noise without causing complaint at adjacent locations. Eremos leverages practical architectural design principles to achieve each project's goals.

Architectural acoustic consulting services include:

  • Speech privacy
  • Partition and door selection
  • Room finishes
  • Room shape and size considerations
  • Specialized sound isolation constructions
  • Facades
  • Floor / ceiling constructions

The acoustical design of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems requires a careful consideration of noise control treatments, as well as their associated cost impact. Eremos has extensive knowledge and experience in designing noise control for new mechancial systems and solving existing noise problems. We team with the project HVAC engineers to arrive at practical and effective noise control solutions.

Mechanical systems acoustical consulting services include:

  • Design review of HVAC systems for interior noise levels
  • Vibration isolation of mechanical systems
  • Elevator and elevator machinery noise control
  • Control of enviromental noise transmission from air handlers, chillers, generators, etc.
  • Field testing and troubleshooting
  • Noise code assesment

As construction and design technologies continue to improve, structures are more frequently built with lighter materials. Although cost effective, these structures present an increased risk of vibration problems. The analysis and solution of such problems require both practical experience and a thorough understanding of the underlying physics.

Structural vibration consulting services include:

  • Design for occupant induced vibration
  • Review of structures for compliance with American Institue of Steel Construction guidelines
  • Field testing and troubleshooting
  • Experimental modal analysis
  • Finite element analysis
  • Architectural isolation systems
  • Design guidelines for sensitive laboratory and healthcare equipment
  • Building isolation
  • Ground-borne noise and vibration from transit

Noise can readily travel over large distances in the outdoor environment. Eremos' environmental noise consulting services range from reducing mechanical equipment noise transmission to reviewing a proposed development for its community noise impact.

Eremos is approved by the New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) as a Noise Expert.

Our environmental noise consulting services include:

  • Construction noise control
  • Outdoor music venues
  • Transit noise
  • Computer modeling of outdoor noise transmission
  • Environmental noise monitoring
  • Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) noise review
  • NYC e-designation review
  • Noise control treatments for exterior mechanical equipment

To achieve a well designed paging or mass notification system, one must consider the acoustical conditions of the space in which it is used. Some conditions include noise due to activity in the space, room finishes, and HVAC noise. Eremos carefully selects loudspeaker types and locations to ensure that announcements can be both clearly heard and understood, particularly during emergency situations.

Our consulting services for PA and Mass Notification Systems include:

  • Room acoustics for improved paging system performance
  • Noise control of emergency HVAC systems
  • Computer modeling to evalutate speech intelligibility
  • Review for NFPA 72: National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code compliance
  • Field intelligiblity measurements
  • Loudspeaker selection and layout
  • Design of combined masking / paging systems

Sound masking systems can be utilized to improve the acoustical environment of an open plan workspace, as a tool to improve pirvacy between adjacent rooms, and to reduce the impact of intrusive noise. Eremos leverages the latest technologies, including networked components, to deliver systems that readily integrate with other building technologies while providing a comfortable acoustical environment.

Sound masking consulting services include:

  • Feasibility assessment
  • Full system design and specification
  • System commissioning and testing
  • Sound masking for healthcare spaces
  • Sound masking for corporate environments
  • Design of combined masking / paging systems


From conceptual design to construction administration, Eremos fully integrates with the design team through the use of three-dimensional design tools such as Autodesk Revit. We have developed unique methods to analyze and coordinate the project design from an acoustical perspective. In doing so, we provide the project team with valuable information when and where they need it.