Eremos is a full service acoustical consultancy. Each project is delivered with deliberate focus on the highest level of service, backed with industry leading expertise and experience.


Our passion is to deliver each project with an unparalleled service level by supporting each individual on the project team.  We deliver timely and practical advice to end users, architects, engineers, developers, project managers, cost consultants, contractors, and all others alike.


“Information is not knowledge.” – Albert Einstein

Each and every job is unique and requires a unique solution.  Our role is not to simply convey information.  Instead, we first listen to your needs, then translate the science of acoustics into easily understandable concepts, tailored specifically for your project. These concepts will allow you to make informed decisions. 

With this approach, we make a positive acoustical environment a reality for traditional design projects such as residential buildings and corporate workspaces.  We also readily tackle the most complex noise and vibration problems, such as a multi-megawatt cogeneration plant in a quiet neighborhood or a recording studio requiring silence in a noisy urban setting. We deliver practical advice from initial conceptual design to the application of construction techniques.


Eremos is built on a foundation of significant and extensive project experience covering millions of square feet.  Our experience base spans nearly every major market sector such as healthcare, education, corporate offices, commercial fitness facilities, transportation hubs, and museums.  Some highlights include headquarters for multiple Fortune 500 companies, a new facility for one of New York’s most prominent museums, and domestic and international airports including an over 4 million square foot terminal in Southeast Asia.